Todd Grisham hates TNA Wrestling


by superbatista619

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LOL. todd's hilarious!
By paynexkiller 7 years ago
True, his attitude probably does encourage crank calls. It is amusing to see him get all flustered.
By marlowx2 7 years ago
it might get annoying, but this guy is supposed to be a public representative of a multi billion dollar company, and he's making them look like right tits here imo :) He could easily give more diplomatic replies to the tna-spammers who call in, along the lines of "well, i'm sure I speak for us all here when I wish TNA the best of success with [insert whatever the tnaspammer was on about here]". Even if WWE -don't- wish it, a bit of proffesionalism and diplomacy are the differnce between a good reputation, and this display of childishness :P the fact he takes it so horribly and replies to them in such a manner only encourages people to phone in and make pro tna comments to get a laugh at his expense :D
By EmperorBubba 7 years ago
I don't know Emperor Bubba it's got to get pretty annoying after a while having 15 year olds thinking they are cool for calling in to a wwe show and yelling about tna.
By marlowx2 7 years ago
god, you think he would be a bit more professional, the second question seemed pretty genuine and Todd was just a complete prick to him :s healthy competition between companies is good, it stimulates good wrestling, but this is just childish behavior, he might as well start sticking his fingers in his ears screaming "NANANANANA CAN'T HEAR YOU" and then blow a big sloppy raspberry at the camera ¬_¬
By EmperorBubba 7 years ago
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