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    NYX Vol. 2 #1, Locke and Key #6, and Enemies of The Stack



    Up first we check out NYX Volume 2 #1. Then it's Locke and Key #6. Be sure to watch for our San Diego Comic Con interview with Locke and Key's Artist and Writer Gabrielle Rodriguez and Joe Hill. Alex talks about how awesome they were in real life, and everyone is pumped that these guys will be on this title for the next two years. Check it out! Next is Franklin Richards: Son of A Genius Summer Smackdown #1. Pete likens the art to Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and Alex and Justin have great things to say about the story. Don't miss it! During the Speed Round we check out Black Panther #39, Ultimate Spider-Man #124, Northlanders #8, Catwoman #81, and Batman: Death Mask #4. Then Bart writes in, "If you were a super hero who would be your nemesis?" Be sure to watch and see what the guy's answers were! Be sure to watch The Stack three times a week, and look for our bonus episodes on Thursdays! Let us know what you think. You can comment below or email us at