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    Metallica Rocks for Satan

    Ego Stomp

    by Ego Stomp



    Oh and Death Magnetic was even greater. Not that they needed to do that to save their reputation according to whoever the fuck Jessah Diaz is. When you wrote and performed the Black Album and Master of Puppets you don't need to do anything else.
    By Harpo_the_bad6 years ago
    St. Anger was one of Tallica's best albums. My guess is that she's one of those idiots who would try and tell you that there's more to Kill Em All (if she's even heard of it) than overly technical showing off but then go on to how crap St Anger was just because their tone and style have changed... well guess what... if a band has been around since the 80s and they haven't changed then they're not really making NEW MUSIC are they? Bitch don't know what she's bitching about. Nice tits though.
    By Harpo_the_bad6 years ago