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    Karl Marx Be Damned! 1950’s Capitalism Propaganda Movie.

    In this vintage 1950's film, university professor Clifton L. Ganus leads a classroom discussion to instill the values and importance of capitalism to his students. Dr. Ganus explains to his students that capitalism is a system where capital, items such as raw materials, energy, machinery, etc, are used to produce sales or new wealth. There are three pillars that make capitalism a unique system. The private ownership of property is a fundamental element to capitalism. Profit motive is also a key part. Lastly there is the open market principle which means that any one can sell items. The film continues to expound upon the virtues of capitalism. These factors make capitalism the best system for America. It allows American workers to earn more in a day than their counterparts abroad and also live at a higher standard. The key to ensuring the continued success of capitalism is in educating the American people of its importance. The film is informative but largely one sided, making it useful to learn about unilateral 1950's mainstream values.