Evangelical Christian tells why he chose Islam

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Salam mon frère! Insha'Allah J'espère que je peux avoir une traduction bientôt.
You're confusing me :( in another video you said that the catholic not the true christian !!! and here you say that this Evangelical Christian was **never** a Christian to begin with. SO, How's is the real christian??! I WONDER
Ahhh ... this supposed Evangelical Christian was **never** a Christian to begin with. He never believed Christ was the Son of God - a key tenent of the Christian faith.

This would be like me, taking a man who said he was a muslim ... but never believed in Muhammed ... and then parading him about like he converted from Islam to Christianity.

That wouldn't exactly be fair would it?
By USMC Steve 6 years ago
mon frere si tu avais cette video sous-titrés en français, je te serais reconnaissant. vu comment les évangélique nous dénigrent j'aurais aimé comprendre son point de vue
By durdetre 6 years ago