B&B January 5th 2005

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Bridget sits with Nick at the bar and talks while he eats. She realizes that he is in the same situation she is. Nick is still in love with Brooke but can't have her, just as Bridget is in love with Ridge, who in unavailable.

At home, Brooke makes Ridge promise not to cause Bridget anymore sadness by hugging her and calling her princess. Brooke feels that only confuses Bridget more. Ridge reminds Brooke how important his marriage is and that he wouldn't do anything to harm his relationship with Brooke.

Bridget comes back home to find Brooke alone in the living room. Brooke tells her that she knows all about Oscar, and about Bridget's feelings for Ridge. Brooke tells her that she is only upset that Bridget didn't come to her first with her problems. Bridget tells her mom that she didn't want to unload her problems on Brooke. Brooke assures her that she wants to hear Bridget's problems. The two hug and cry.

Caitlin arrives to work to find Thomas in her office, ordering fabric samples. She tells him that she can still work with him, even after their conversation at the party. She realizes that Amber is the one that he loves. Thomas invites her to go to the winter formal at his high school as his friend because Amber doesn't want to come. Caitlin agrees to come as his friend.