Wonderful Tonight (by Eric Clapton, instrumental & lyrics)

Eliza Gabriel
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Just me playing my acoustic guitar version of Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. I improvised a little bit. I can't sing. I put the lyrics in the video so feel free to sing along :-)

I'm just doing this for fun.
I just love to play my guitar ♥ღ


3 commentaar

hey man, i listened to tat song ''wonderful tonight'' u played and it was awesome.. tried to learn but i cldnt cus the video was blurred.. umm cld u give me tabs or show me a clearer video so i can learn frm u plz.. thx man, much appreciated
Door joseph 6 jaren geleden
I Love It!
Door Veeravadee 6 jaren geleden
Excellent ! Is it possible thqt you give me how you play this song ? Best regards
Door mortiti 6 jaren geleden