Ditches, Mines and Paints

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by Dan5589

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Gordon was dreaming about being the famous engine on Sodor until Henry woke him up telling him it's time to work instead of resting, But Gordon payed no attention and proving that he would never have big accidents like Henry did with the Flying Kipper, Until when he was pushed to Vicorstown, He accidently slidding into the ditch after refusing to shunt trucks!

After he was being rescued, The Fat Controller was very cross with Gordon for what he did is very naughty and forced him to take slow goods instead until he is to be a really useful engine again, After He was getting cleaned, He was still in a bad mood!
Especially when Thomas the Tank Engine teasing him about what had happened, He was of course, in his cheeky way until when he came to the mine, He wanted to pass the sign which his driver wouldnt let him in case of danger until now, He had finally passed the sign but fell into the hole and was remained stuck!

After Thomas being pulled back to safety, Thomas and Gordon were both worried and hoping The Fat Controller would ever forgive them for their big accidents after they were friends again and formed an Alliance.
When the Queen is coming to the Island, Henry bet he would be chosen because he had a new coat of paint, well that is until when it was a rainy day, He accidently wheeshed a big steam which made a french painter fell onto his tender and droped his paint pot all over Henry's Boiler!

Will Thomas and Gordon ever been forgiven for their accidents?
Who will be chosen to pull the special train after Henry's silly accident?

Find Out while watching the redub! ;)


NOTE: All Things were Copyrighted to their Respected Owners