Fireworks 1004


by szechuanie



hey szechuanie ... you're here too!!! wanted to say hi but no pm here so gotta post a comment. it sucks comparing to youtube. well, hit me up if you get this msg.
By negiqboyz 9 years ago
hi, i just had a question...please don't take this as a demand or a whine :)
i was just wondering if you were still planning to upload i really really like you ( i was watching it on your utube account) if not no worries...thanks again for the videos!
By cupcakequeen 9 years ago
By cupcakequeen 9 years ago
man i hate that b****.. what's her name, mee rah!!?! arggs she gets me mad!
By suzie 9 years ago
My Korean is not that good coz i cannot understand much what they are talking about but for sure I know who is the bad woman. Thanks.
By msleelee 9 years ago