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    Connection to the Real World 7/7 - Pers.Example & Conclusion

    Carsten Cumbrowski

    by Carsten Cumbrowski

    This is a short seven part educational video series by Carsten Cumbrowski for internet marketers. I am an internet marketer myself since 2001. My educational background is business and IT and I am self employed since last year, after I got my Green Card (after over seven years in the United States). You can learn more about me and my background on my internet marketing resources site at Virtual marketing online is simple and cheap compared to marketing offline and using traditional media. However, the online space is crowded and it will only get worse in the years to come. Getting attention is not so easy anymore and making a personal connection with customers or business partners in the virtual world was always hard to impossible. Especially businesses that are entirely virtual often forget about the power of real world marketing. Here are some examples that are intended to function as reminder and inspiration for you. I picked a few specific real world marketing campaings that illustrate how you can not only get attention and new business from it, but also improve customer retention and loyalty. You can download the high resolution version (640x480 pixels) of this video in .AVI format via URL Cheers! Carsten Cumbrowski Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and Blogger