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    Evil Raccoon Wreaks Kitchen

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    these vids are always awesome xD :)) btw check out my pics!! ..!
    Von alicekokVor 5 Jahren
    My dad built a beautiful million dollar mansion in 1990 in Lemont, Illinois in the woods of Cook County Illinois and til this day those racoon are in swarms and they crawl up trees and get on the roof at wee hours of the night. They tore the wooden shinlges of the roos in order to build nests in the frame of the roof during the winter , we used traps in the attic & then my dad wanted to have them shot with a pellet gun, never did take that action. They are always in the garbage cans
    Von kurtespoVor 7 Jahren
    This is one stupid human you leave a raccoon alone in your house, you got what you deserve. So who's the bitch now.
    Go raccoon!!
    Von lktpresVor 7 Jahren
    lol i feel sorry 4 u
    Von Myalt2Vor 7 Jahren