Where Are Our Miracles! Terror in Israel

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A movie about the terrorists attacks Israel has been through


i dont have proof of how the word god spelled?

well speaking of void provocation and monkeys, unlike u i do know what i am talking about u can check it for yourself in the reports of the gaza authority's to confirm what i said. (they are inaccurate by far but comparing numbers of reports from diffrent departments will give u nice picture).

first rule of discussion if u want to prove your point instead of crying 'lies' and saying u are ready to prove just prove please give me numbers because i can.
By Israel-is 6 years ago
First, write the word god correct or incorrect is the departure of the topic and avoid provocation and you do not have proof

Secondly, I know and you know about what you wirte is absolutely untrue that bears no relation to reality I will not talk about Gaza, but I will write about every city in occupied Palestine. And not on a certain period of time I will write about every day that killed a child or an elderly

To forget that ,you are the monkeys and pigs. If you want proof and struggling, not only in occupied Palestine, but in the world, I am ready to prove contrary
By asedrf 6 years ago
its spelled god not gad...

and actually in the last year the hamas took over gaza they hamas killed almost three times more Palestinians and not terrorist just ppl from opposing factions or those who voiced their opinion and dared to demonstrate...

plus hamas aim is to kill
and to kill as many as they can children women etc ...
where do u think they aim thier rockets at army bases or at defenseless civilians ?

unlike israel whos aim is to capture those terrorists and much like policing in your home town some times when criminals regretfully other ppl get hurt too.
By Israel-is 6 years ago
oh my gad fuck you look and tell me how many people is Israel kill them evry day fuck you
By asedrf 6 years ago
bien fait man
By geo 6 years ago