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Directed by Stewart Hendler
Written by Richard Bloom


Jay Edwards, Andy Scott Harris,
Dalton O'Dell, James Bolt,
Chloe Bookmyer, Jason Boegh


Un palpito di vera dolcezza!
By Leonardo Simionato 6 years ago
By Cesare 6 years ago
Even the most homophobic of all people would have to agree this is one of the best put together short films ever or run the risk of being seen as a liar on top of a bigot! A whole lifetime in under 5 min. showing the harm done to countless people but yet how one old man’s sadness can be turned to joy by seeing people he never knew have what he was denied. This captures the struggle of so many and proves that all can be forgiving by just changing that which is wrong. As someone that has lived through what this old man lived through I can see how just the fact of knowing all the others that come after me can be giving the right to be who they are and love without it being turn away from them by an untrusting world. It takes a monster not to see the true beauty here. For all the people that hide behind religion as a reason to discriminate thank about this YOU MAKE LIFE A LIVING HELL FOR SO MANY WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO LIVE IN WHAT YOU CONSIDER HAVEN TO BE? Think about that when you tell
By patrickintx 6 years ago
fine, but not gay
By glendan 6 years ago
By naobe5 6 years ago
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