Konnan gets kicked out of NWO Wolfpack

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Konnan gets kicked out of NWO Wolfpack, Nitro 1/11/99


Jesus Christ, the NWO, whatever fucking color they were, were so goddamn watered down with everybody except Luger, Nash, Hall, and Hogan. They need to keep main eventers exclusively in groups like this to keep them from being so shitty.
By jfutch1 6 years ago
Technically Konnan was the first member 2 join the nWo Wolfpac. Kevin Nash and Randy Savage started it but Konnan was the first 2 join.
By Mike 6 years ago
Nash had said in his shoot that it kinda was all of their ideas and he doesn't sound bothered by it.
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
eric bischoff had said da finger of doom was hulk hogan idea since he had creative control and to reunite da nwo was not a good idea there almost took a year to seperate them
By mvphalfman 6 years ago
By claude salmon 6 years ago