Money matters especially in movies and divorces. Want ...

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GO TO WWW.BSWCHANNEL.COM FOR MORE VIDEOS! Money matters especially in movies and divorces. Want to know more? Stay right there it’s all coming up next on BSW Im Erin Darling for BSW, with your Hollywood updates. According to TMZ, actress Jessica Alba just signed a 1.5 million dollar deal with OK! Magazine for pictures of her newborn baby. Some might call this selling out, but I just call it a great media distraction. Why not give them something else to talk about other than how bad The Love Guru was. Good choice, Jessica. In other news, the Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorce battle came to a close last week, and Christie not only cleaned house, but actually got the house, too. I guess eight days of embarrassing accusations and testimonies were enough for the fighting couple to reach a settlement. Christie Brinkley not only got the real estate, but also walked away with the kids while Cook left with some cash, visitation rights, and just a little bit of damage to his reputation. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more entertainment updates right here on BSW