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    Karl Rove in Prison Stripes? Rep. Keith Ellison Speaks.


    by Veracifier

    "A gross politicalization" is Congressman Keith Ellison's assessment of the Department of Justice hiring scandal. He spoke with The UpTake's Ken Avidor about Monica Goodling, a former US Attorney and Bush political appointee, who is accused of finagling the firings of several left-leaning attorneys in order to, as Ellison says,"make sure she infuses the federal bureaucracy with a right-wing stamp." Eliison also addresses the controversial Don Siegelman case, in which the former Democratic governor of Alabama was yanked out of office to fight corruption charges. A corrupt politician isn't news these days. What is news? The fact that Karl Rove has been accused of cooking up fictional scenarios to politically decapitate Siegelman, and has subsequently ignored subpeonas demanding he answer the charge. Will Rove go to federal prison?