Barack Obama talking about the North America Union

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Tommy Scharp
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This video is meant to offend the supporters of Barack Obama.

I'm hoping you'll get mad enough to try and prove me wrong.

*Here is the evidence of the North American Union:
(This document was penned by the S.P.P, which had a summit meeting signed off on by Bush w/the leaders of Mexico and Canada, view the press conference/report below, and notice they actually ADDRESS these "conspiracy theories". If they're unfounded, why address them at all?):

NAFTA Super-Highway/SuperCorridor Proposal:
(Read the myths vs. facts section and decide for yourself whether or not you smell a rat)

Also, do your own research: (Security and Prospertiy Partnership of North America).

There is also the Independent Task Force on North America (established by the Council on Foreign Relations, see their website):

And more loosely, look at your country: The borders remain open, and the dollar is nearing the verge of collapse. The economic crisis approaching SOON will be the catalyst for the globalist agenda to push forward.

** John McCain also is a CFR member.


So Obama is bring the troop home, protecting the boarder, parts of the patroit act has been abolished... So what does that mean... you're timeline for world domination has been push back. Can you give me facts... know that you have been sooooooo wrong!
By ShadowDancer357 3 years ago
instead of trying to offend people.... just state the facts..... it's in all of our best interest to know the truth... if someone said they intended to offend you, would you listen to them?
By boutthyme 3 years ago
Sympa ..! ;) ,,........
By Cutegirl58 4 years ago
This is as awesome as internet porn. chat with me! :)
By rosybaby91 4 years ago
The North American Union is in fact a reality. The only beef I have is how can Obama be the master mind behind something that began in a prior administration, and what president do you know of, besides those fucking Bush Bitches, who was able to make any decisions pertaing to law without the approval of congress. Oh by the way George W's administration fucked up the economy and signed the NAU into law. How can someone blame Oboma alone for decisions that require a majority vote to inact. The question is what do you do when your decisions are made for you and the office of president only means Cheif Puppet. You can either follow the agenda or become a marter in the shadow of it. How can Americans still believe that our vote means anything ON A GLOBAL SCALE?
By thehellisthis 4 years ago
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