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    Battlefront: Re-Use Your Coffee Cups - Aimee Nathan

    Orsi Muntyan

    by Orsi Muntyan

    She wants to produce a new range of environmentally-friendly re-usable cups so that less cardboard and plastic cups are wasted.

    "The UK generates over 3 million tons of plastic waste each year. Too many people take the idea that the damage we are doing to the world will not affect us. This is wrong, and we are swiftly destroying our planet and need to seriously change our ways"

    Shes campaigning to get coffee chains to buy the cups to sell in their stores and lower the prices of drinks for people who bring their own mugs.

    "It does come down to individuals and once one person does it, five people do it. I want to show that, despite the press perception of teenagers, we do care and want to make a positive difference to the world"

    You can find out more about Aimee's campaign, all the other campaigners, and enter the competition to be the 20th Battlefront Campaigner at: