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iTimeSheet is a poweful timesheet application that helps you track time spent of projects.
The objective of iTimeSheet is to allow you to record your daily activities in less than 3 minutes thanks to a smart interface. With iTimeSheet you will know how much time you spent on a task, on a mission, for a client in a given period of time. This is ideal to make you activity reports, create bills for clients, improve you productivity and the knowledge of your schedule.

iTimeSheet is a must have for consultants, project managers, freelancers or for people who wants to know what they did and how they spend their time.
The main features are :
- Navigation in week mode or day mode
- Complete search in all the informations of the activities (mission name, comment, etc.)
- Export your data to Excel
- Smart and easy to use user interface

You will never forget what you did last week or the month before.

iTimeSheet, because time matters.

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