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This documentary is about the twin battles of Jena and Auerstedt, which were often said to mark the peak of Napoleons military career.

It's a free project, I did it at university in 2006/07. Thanks to all the people who contributed with their work and advice!

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Nice work! Haven't watched it all through yet but plan on it. I am an animated feature screenwriter and I am working on a project related to this era. Would give more details but I am in the early, early planning stages. .
Von Andrew Garrett vor 2 Jahren
super bonne heh ;) ...........
Von denbaronita denbaro vor 4 Jahren
Hi Chetzel.
Being af (war) history buff returning by car to Denmark from Italy, I noticed signs to memorials for the battle. Focusing on Ancient times -> 1720 and WW2 I knew nothing of this battle. At home I had the battle identified and found a link to your project.
Your video got me interested in 'closing the gap' in my history knowledge (1720 started a decline in Danish history).
Have watched it several times and afterwards I just have to play Empire- or Napoleon Total War. I had both for a while but couldn't get on with them since all pre WW2 war with firearms had little appeal to me.

Your video has opened my eyes for how cruel that kind of war really was - and why camouflage ment little since proned soldiers would be unable to reload fast enough. To questions:

1) Are you not sorry that you did not wait until the release of Empire Total War?
2) How about making a similar one about the Battle of Austerlitz?

Von henrikhansendk1631 vor 4 Jahren
I hope you had an 100 % in your project.
Von iloveeverything219 vor 4 Jahren
Je suis fier de parler francais.
Von iloveeverything219 vor 4 Jahren
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