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    Is this crop circle warning Planet X?

    Andy Bell

    by Andy Bell

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    Média Alternatif
    La planète X aurait une orbite en 8 ? :P
    By Média Alternatif7 years ago
    Andy Bell
    Most genuine circles refference the planets crossing or the Mayan calender even Annunaki vessels have been depicted my debunker friend - Research Sumerian Scribe or read my last five journal entries to see the translations of 6000 year old clay tablets that speak of aliens walking amongst Men!
    Your channel is as empty as your comments! bobfelstead!
    By Andy Bell7 years ago
    oubli la planet x je crois que leur planet ou astre geant soi une imance comete come decrit dans plusieur crop circles
    By mickpotgag7 years ago
    Il manque une théorie, pour expliqué se message qui nous viendrai d'ailleur!!
    By Romain8 years ago