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    Google Earth Proves that Mohammed is Prophet of Allah


    by mfanaji

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    This short clip shows one command from prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to his disciple to built a Masjed ( worshiping bulding in Islam ) he gave a specific direction . after using google earth we can see that the direction which has been given to that disciple direct to Cabba directly
    After 14 centuries from the event of the Messenger (pbuh) mosque building order in Sana'a, Yemen, Satellites confirm his prophethood.

    جوجل الارض يثبت ان محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم هو نبي الله

    Google Earth beweist, dass Mohammed Ist Prophet Gottes

    Google Earth montre que Mohammed (paix soit sur lui) est prophète d'Allah