Sons of Liberty - Warning to the NWO

Tommy Scharp
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To start a rev in the US you must hold 20 Muslim death camps...OBEY or slaughter. Smile. Wheres your profit. HEy JC JC won't you walk for me. ALl your computers which you think you run were one cell of ALl IBN ABI TALIB's brain-skull which the US-jew had axed without right without lost your provision for the world is vanity created for the veinless. You US have no property rights. :).:Khurassan EAgle ABou Mouhammad Zarhouni the first....DOB 9/11/1976 01.
By FlyorFlog 2 years ago
ALF stands with you. American Liberation Front.
By unrealll6666 3 years ago
I could have swore he said something about "you would rather tickle a tigers ass in a phone booth, than take me alive". Kinky bastard!
By Dixie Normus 5 years ago
By ssagoth 5 years ago
Dont give up guys!
By Golgo808 6 years ago