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    TV Fakery: Bejing CGI Fireworks

    Nico Haupt

    by Nico Haupt

    check out The Ultimate Evidence about 9/11 TV Fakery: DOUBLEYOUSEE (WARRENC) - The Ma$$ Murdering Media [incl. links and screenshots of original bejing fireworks footprint fakery at ~11:18 here: [nbcolympics com] Done by Crystal Stone, or shui jing shi (???) in Chinese. "...The production went from June last year till July this year and it went through numerous edits, including issues such as two feet or one foot and the length of the video, etc..." 9/11 Truth: Anthrax sniffing SyncSwimming china lesbo wq2rx terror olympic games team Goldman Sachs + Co.: Next 9/11 False Flag vs. China? by ewing2001 December 29, 2007 TOP 100 Alltime Planehuggers /[WarCriminals (TOP 30)] List 2001 - 2008 T-Shirts for your GroundZero Needs ;