Russia deployed tactical nuclear weapons into South Ossetia?


by neverknwo

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Complete rubbish. America does'nt want Russia having any influence in Georgia because of the oil pipeline which it profits from that runs through Georgia. They want control of all Caspian sea oil, a lot of which Russia controls since it surrounds a large area of the Caspian. America installed a puppet govt. in the form of Sakashvili and has funded him and supplied him with weapons to make sure they get their oil. There were 100 US marines in Georgia training Georgian troops just a week before this happened. Sakashvili thanks to this arms and training thought he could take over South Ossetia and beat Russia (even though S.O. doesn't want to be part of Georgia and many Russians live there). So Sakashvili goes in kills 2000 Russians and expects them not to fight back! When he gets his ass kicked goes crying to the West for help, whilst telling lies about Russian agression.
By tsardadon7 years ago