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    Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs Beverly Brothers


    by TSteck160

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    Skye Reynolds
    lol. The match takes place before WrestleMania because Brutus is hurt, but it takes place after WrestleMania because Hogan is a 5 time champion. That's the problem with Coliseum exclusives. I was surprised when I first saw this on Grudges, Gripes, and Grunts. I didn't expect a 1993 video to feature a Hogan match on it. Surely, it had to have been Hogan's last video appearance for the WWF prior to his 2002 return.
    By Skye Reynolds7 years ago
    What the heck was the point of hitting him with the megaphone? It was Blake Beverly for cryin out loud.
    By Soultsukino7 years ago
    how is j.r trying to justify that kind of cheating
    By mspjuliob8 years ago