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    Surfer Extreme!


    by DragonKing3434

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    I apologize to those you have already viewed my first video of this ride, it froze so i had to remove it and re-upload it.

    Name: Surfer Extreme!
    Make/Model: B&M Floorless Coaster
    Height: 179.26ft
    Ride Time: 2:30
    Length: 5,281ft
    Top Speed: 72.17 mph
    Average Speed: 26.18mph
    Airtime: 0:23
    Inversions: 7
    -148.82ft Vertical Loop
    -142.38ft Dive Loop
    -134.57ft Zero G Roll
    -116.02ft Cobra Roll
    -Two Interlocking Corkscrews
    G Forces: 5.83, -0.94, 2.34
    Excitement: 8.29 (Very High)
    Intensity: 7.02 (High)
    Nausea: 3.50 (Medium)

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