National Piercing Day is May 16th! (Monroe Piercing)


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In 2007 http://www.GoofyAuctions.com created a fun holiday known as National Piercing Day on May 16th and used MySpace to spread of word of the Hole-y Holiday! This time around http://www.GoofyAuctions.com is using Viral Videos to spread the word even more! So do your part! On May 16th support your local piercer and get a new piercing! Pass along the word! There are literally dozens of piercings to choose from:

Ear piercing ideas: Anti-Tragus, Auricle, Conch, Daith, Industrial, Industrial (via rook), Orbital, Lobe, Pinna, Forward Pinna, Rook, Scaffold, Snug, Tragus, Transverse Lobe and the Vertical Tragus.

Oral piercing ideas: Weaving, Cheek, Lip (Lower), Lower Fraenum, Madonna, Medusa, Superior Fraenum, Tongue and the Labret.

Surface piercing ideas: Ankle, Brooch, Earl, Eyebrow, Nape, Neck, Third Eye and Webbing.

Female Genital piercing ideas: Clitoris, Hood, Inner Labia, Outer Labia and a Triangle.

Male Genital piercing ideas: Apadravya, Dydoe, Fraenulum, Kuno, Lorum, Palang, Prince Albert, Pubic, Reverse PA and Hafada.

Nasel piercing ideas: Nostril and Septum.

Abdominal piercing ideas: Nipple.

... in closing, piercings are fun, neat and they can come and go as you please! Piercers, do your part in helping to spread the word. Throw a piercing party, have a special, place ads in college newspapers...

"What piercing will YOU be getting on May 16th?"


hate to see a beautifu young lady mutilating themselves. odd odd odd.
By jackslicl100 6 years ago
sin elles savaient tellementnt qu'elles sont moches avec ca dans la gueule !!
By poyau bernard 6 years ago