Navin..rouler mama!

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Guet kouma nou premier miniss p trasser dan fete au Morne. Genial! Brought to you by

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Paul Bérenger, a white man
Is absent from a festival
At Le Morne in honour of
The Créoles, slaves maltreated by whites
Will the creole community
Ever forget this affront
Ever forgive Paul Bérenger
He must have had his reasons
For his absence, unfortunate though
Barons cannot accept the idea
That triumphs of slaves be feasted
It is too big a shame for them
And too big an honour for the slaves
And when Dr Ramgoolam dances
With the mass, which of Navin
And Paul will the mass love more
The new generation should not be blamed
For what their ancestors did unless
They approve the doings of their ancestors
Gibran Khalil Khan
Par Arshaad il y a 6 ans