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    Bring it, Olympics!

    Jen Knoedl

    by Jen Knoedl

    So... it's like this... Chicago and me (I know it is gramatically correct to say "I", but "me" sounds more like I'm keeping it real, you know?) Ahem... So Chicago and ME kinda got this whole love thing going on... and when the Chicago 2016 Organization asked me to be a part of bringing the Olympics to My Love, I jumped at the chance! After all, Chicago's Sweetheart WOULD be incredibly supportive, yes? Yes. (You're so smart.) Therefore, expect to see a whole lot more about the Olympics coming outta me. Granted, I just got here but it sounds like a big ol' party if you ask me... and well... I sho' do like a good party! So far, Beijing is "bringing it" and if ANY city can follow that act it's... (drumroll) Do I even have to say "Chicago"? We're talking culture... and food.. vibrancy... energy... commerce... and some good ol' fashion Midwest values. (You just can't quantify people value.) So inviting the world over for a little party is like saying, Hey, Rest of the World (ROTW)! Why don't cha come on down and peep out what's shaking over here in the US of A! 'Cause there ain't no city like this Midwest city, 'cause this Midwest city don't stop! (Hmm... I feel a jingle, or a cheer, or a satirical song coming on... eh, I'll save it... for now.) Oh, and one more thing, ROTW... Don't forget to bring your wall-ets. *toothy smile* Anyhow, there were some crazy-smart and influential Chicago social media peeps in attendance INCLUDING some of my fellow NBC5 Street Teamers! (Woot-Woot!) We all had some very authentic discussions about the impact of the Olympics and I am extremely anxious to see how we, as a community, will invite the world over for some fun in the Chicago sun. So, get your megaphone and pom-poms out! We're gonna need your help.