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    Waterboarding Is Torture


    by JC

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    Josh Inwood
    But it's what should be done. You can't be panzy ass wimpy with a terrorist. Awww we won't hurt you.. Yeah right.. If they don't want the torture, then don't be a terrorist.. Terrorist shouldn't be given any rights what's so ever.. That's what's wrong with the USA, were being to damn wimpy with criminal's... We DO NEED TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE To Cure And Eradicate The EVIL On This EARTH... If you don't want to be tortured then just don't be doing any crime.. " IT'S THAT' FREAKING SIMPLE".... Can't be wimpy with criminals at all !!!
    By Josh InwoodMarch
    *z absolute interesting
    By ModelBabeXX5 years ago
    Je vote pour la dénonciation de ces abus criminels et barbares. Merci.
    By NANOUNIZ6 years ago