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    Vintage Vegetable Garden Planting Tips From the 1940s

    A fascinating piece of the history of gardening, this Encyclopedia Britannica produced film from the 1940s introduces children to the art of gardening. Included is priceless footage of cute kids gardening with children's garden tools. The film discusses every part of preparing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting from a vegetable garden. As interesting as it is to see what the pervasive opinions on gardening were in the 1940’s, the film also includes information on the types of soil needed for vegetable gardening, as well as gardening supplies and gardening tips. Really, knowing how to plant a garden hasn’t changed too much in the last few decades. The little children in the film get to explore weeding, planting, and how to manage garden pest control. With beautiful shots of vegetable garden layouts, this is a fun film that illuminates gardening history.