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    A Woman’s Only Job in WWII Navy: Typist. Old Sexist Film

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    This 1943 United States Navy Training film encourages women to learn and improve their typing skills by typing practice. But more interesting, the film also serves as a record of gender roles in American during World War 2. Deemed an essential skill for US Navy women (and only women!), the film asserts that through fast typing women to work in a capacity "just as important as men." This was the only Navy job available for women in the US Navy. An award winning typist demonstrates good typing posture, typing practices, typing positions and typing skills, and examines different typewriters and their uses. Great footage shows how easily she blows away a typing speed test. Within the film, also, are beautiful shots of antique typewriters and very early typewriters. The instructor reminds the viewer that intelligent and purposeful practice will allow beginners and average stenographers to become superior typists. A neat bit of World War II propaganda that promotes confined gender roles, this film contains tons of vintage footage that's much more than a typing lesson and more an examination of the history of the typewriter.