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    Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker.T WWE Title


    by Stinger1981

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    phillip sanders
    i so mss paul heymen as booker there was so many good story line momments on sd and im not talking about in the way raw was doing with midgets beign adopted or necrophillia, im talking about stuff like when eddie colappesed in the ring on a show or jbl saying how he got fired from msn nbc or paul saying ron simmons is fired and bradshaw just turning his back on him. that was really good creative stories that involved wrestling and thats what raw today mainly needs to see more of and i think they may in some aspects might be starting to do that.
    By phillip sanders7 years ago
    phillip sanders
    now here was some great smack down momments of 2004
    By phillip sanders7 years ago
    claude salmon
    By claude salmon8 years ago