"The Farming Crisis in Greece" - Maria Partalidou's interview


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"The Farming Crisis in Greece"
Maria Partalidou is assistant professor at the Dep. of Agricultural Economics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

This interview has been conducted during the European Rural Sustainability Gathering 2017 “Social economy, cooperatives and grassroots initiatives in rural Greece”, organised by Forum Synergies and the Development Agency of Karditsa in cooperation with Iliosporoi, Peliti and Euracademy.
The event took place on May 17-21, 2017, in Plastira Lake, Karditsa region, Greece.

Partners and participants managed to draw a broad picture of different aspects of crisis in rural Greece and highlighted answers and solutions to overcome the problems."

Camera1 & editing: Mathias Barret
Camera2: Lewe Lorenzen
Interviewer: Oliver Moore