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    Harrison Hill

    by Harrison Hill

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    long live Russia and all Orthodox people, fuck georgia and all American they will get what they desert. Juba fuck them in iraq!SERBIA!
    By gile_827 years ago
    I hope this conflict would end soon
    That is my prayer
    By christianprophetess207 years ago
    Aggressors must be dealt with by aggression - lessons learned by WW1 & WW2. The international community does not understand all the provocation issues however, fact remains, Georgia is a soveriegn nation - Russia has invaded a democratic Country which is unacceptable.
    By coho327 years ago
    Deus Solis
    U can see all of videos about russian aggression in real time made. Explore Dailymotion or other resurce, where u can find many video-facts(not only photos) and than take your opinion about Truth and about what russian made in Georgian sitizen!
    All countries see the truth. World always see the truth and russia understood that Georgia is a stone, where "USSR" or "СНГ" crushed for ever!
    By Deus Solis7 years ago
    Why don't you show pictures of Tskinvali the South Osetian capital where 2000 Rusians were killed by Georgian bombs. Your pictures show no evidence of Russian bombs which would have left buildings destroyed and enourmous craters.(like the Georgian bombs have done in Tskinvalli). Its easy to stage photos like these by starting a few fires and blaming it on the Russians. Lets make it clear, the Georgians started this war and when they realized that they couldn't win, Sakashvilli, friend of Bush, went running to the international community telling lies of Russian agression. CNN the other day showed pictures of a bombed Georgian city, but it was Georgian, it was TSkinvali that the Georgians had bombed!!!!
    By tsardadon7 years ago
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