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    Viking Metal


    by TheTwistedBastard

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    Now that the wind called my name
    And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space
    And the wise one-eyed great father in the sky stilled my flame

    For the ones who stood me near
    And you few who were me dear
    I ask of thee to have no doubts and no fears

    For when the great clouds fills the air
    And the thunder roars from o, so far away up in the sky
    Then for sure you will know
    that I have reached the joyous hall up high

    With my bloodbrothers at side
    All sons of father with one eye
    We were all born in the land of the blood on ice

    And now you all who might hear my song
    Brought to you by the northern wind have no fear
    Though the night may seem so everlasting and forever dark

    There will come a golden dawn
    At ends of nights for all yee on whom
    Upon the northstar always shines

    The vast gates to hall up high
    Shall stand open wide and welcome you with all its within

    Bathory were a highly influential Swedish heavy metal band, regarded as one of the forefathers of black metal and founders of Viking metal. The band's name is taken from the infamous Hungarian countess, Elizabeth Báthory.

    Twilight of the Gods is the sixth album by Bathory. It continues the exploration of the newly created Viking metal style, and also displays a heavy classical influence; it is titled after an opera by Wagner, and the melody of "Hammerheart" is lifted from Gustav Holst's The Planets (more specifically, from the fourth movement, Jupiter). Originally this was to be the final Bathory album.


    Quorthon - Guitars, Vocals
    Kothaar - Bass
    Vvornth - Percussion, Drums