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    60 ABC Fall Promo 2008


    by allcurious

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    I worked 2 days on this shoot (July 11-12) and we had to wait so long to get that darn dog to finish up, LOL. I was Patrick Dempsey's stand-in for the "Grey's" shoot then Josh Holloway's for "Lost" (for those of you who don't know, stand-ins are people of similar body type, hair, height and complexion that do all the camera blocking & lighting to practice w/the director & crew, then when the stars arrive in full hair, wardrobe & make-up we show them what to do.

    They shot the dog and "General Hospital" that day too. It was strange having the stars sit around watching us do the shoot first. I remember those fans blowing on us for "Lost" and the concern over whether Knight and Chambers would miss the gurney when they hopped on backwards. Pompeo and Holloway introduced themselves to me and Heigl was stunning in her outfit. Dempsey was more quiet and reserved, though he somehow figured out I was his stand-in before he was ever told.
    By SWLinPHX8 years ago