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    Sgt. Frog 30 Fandub - Part A

    Will Seeley

    by Will Seeley

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    Keroro Gunsou in ENGLISH, dawg! And a twofer to boot!

    Fortunately, Keroro has very few lines in this episode, so none of you have to listen to me too much. My little sister is likely to be the most enthusiastic member of the project, so I picked an episode that revolved around Tamama (who she provides the voice for). Longtime supporter Portzebie guest stars as Taruru, as well as playing Paul and continuing his role as the narrator.

    And of course, the rest of the cast certainly did their jobs admirably:

    Natsumi, Fuyuki, Momoka - PrettyKunoichi
    Giroro, Kururu - ShockDingo
    Dororo - Shuffle/Panzyo
    Angol Mois - Scarlotte
    Emergency Guy - Me (I stumbled on his lines a bit)

    I repeat: This was done for fun, and is should not be taken too seriously.