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    Brave and the Bold #15 -


    by shazap

    The brave and the bold is a collection of one shot team ups with the major DC characters. They are good reads on light days and when they involve your favorite characters. This issue, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Scott Kolins follows and adventure with Nightwing and Hawkman. This was a really entertaining story. As someone who loves the character of Nightwing it was cool to see not only his position with the other heroes in the DCU but also his brilliance for strategy and leadership. Hawkman wasn’t’ really involved much other that antique consultant and letting Nightwing borrow his flying device. We got a bonus in this issue also with some good green arrow and dead man action as well. Again this issue was a really good read but if they’re not characters that you’re into then you can do without this title.