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    New Prostate Enlargement Treatment In Final Stage of Trials

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    One-Time Injectable Drug Enters Final Stage Clinical Trials A new drug developed by Nymox Pharmaceutical may offer doctors a breakthrough in the treatment of a common affliction of men, an enlarged prostate or BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The drug, a novel protein called NX-1207, is entering Phase 3 clinical trials, the last stage before applying for FDA approval. If approved, the drug could offer new hope for the millions of men suffering from BPH. NX-1207 takes a new approach and is injected directly into the zone of the prostate most affected by BPH. Once in the prostate, the drug causes local prostate cell loss where it counts. The procedure takes only a few minutes to perform in a urologist’s office and involves little or no pain or discomfort. There is a need for a new and effective treatment for BPH. The currently approved drugs have undesirable side effects such as dizziness or impaired sexual function. Many men stop taking them because of side effects and generally poor response. For more information on this story and others, visit