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    The Brutal Truth of Islam

    Henry G

    by Henry G



    bakhti issam
    check syria, lebanon, morrocco, tunisia, egypt algeriaéééetc and check how jews chrestians and muslims are all living together.
    besides, christians under Charles killed every single muslim in jerusalem, muslims lived all together in peace
    By bakhti issam7 years ago
    bakhti issam
    just read those versts before and after the passage he mentioned :)
    By bakhti issam7 years ago
    to let u know , there were jews and christians living under the islamic rule in those early days of Islam..peacefully with muslims, and about that killing them wherever u find them thing , that was in a certain situation during some war.. wasn't in general,Islam prevents any muslim to kill a civillian, even a warrior or soldier but who don't carry his gun!!take him as a prisoner don't kill him.. blood is what Islam wants,what Islam wants is that( La elah ella allah ) would be pronounced by all the humanity, not even conquer the world and that thing
    By MADO2987 years ago