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    Gucci Mane - East Atlanta 6 (Freesyle)

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    Rich Mundo
    I gotta a Kente Clause Hat on, WIth the Anglo Saxon Saxophone Santa On My Phone, Yeah the gifts here for the kids, and it aint the 25th or the 23rd, ya heard, we before the big day, brains of the big play, if this aint a freestyle, start paying for air, aint no Heirs to my throne, cuz they wouldnt let me get on, so they put on, and A shake the whole Hemisphere, to whole Globe, Ball not like the Trotters but like The first human in space, Im not worried about Gravity its nothing, I tell Gravity to grow up, you can't hold the Sun Down, just Cause I go dOWN, lET THE MOON SHINE, iLL BE BACK THIS AINT A RHYME, GUCCI GET MONEYK, JUST TONT TAKE NOTHIN FROM ME, WHO I BE 5TH FROM THE THIRD, I AINT NEVA TRYING TO LIV IN A SUBURBS IN NEW ORLEANS, IM GOOD IN BUCKHED OR ELLIJAY, BLUERIDGE I AINT FORGOT ABOUT YA DEEDS, i LL LIVE THERE, REAL TREES?
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