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    Mast Motorsports - High Performance Powertrain Solutions

    Scott Carpenter

    by Scott Carpenter

    GM’s LS engine platform is today’s hottest engine platform and everyone’s talking about it. But there is a lot of untapped potential and substantial room for improvement. The automotive powertrain engineering experts at Mast Motorsports have taken GM’s LS engine platform to a higher level. Imagine making up to 660 reliable horsepower, enjoying stock reliability and driveability and getting great gas mileage on pump gasoline. Thanks to Mast Motorsports, all this and much more is a reality! That’s why a Mast Motorsports’ hand built turnkey engine is the ONLY choice for your hot rod, street rod, muscle car, kit car, truck or SUV.

    For details on how you can own the advanced LS engine technology on the street, contact Mast Motorsports at or call them at 1-936-560-2218.