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    America always stands by Israel !!!

    Tom Petersen

    by Tom Petersen

    Warning: This video contains images that are not suitable for children.
    Viewing is recommended for ‘Mature Audiences’ only !

    US President, George W. Bush, claims to be fighting a War against Terror…
    I am sickened by his hypocrisy !!!

    Invading Afghanistan and Iraq… Forcing ‘Crippling Sanctions’ against Iran… and all the time, continuing to pour billions of dollars into the ‘Terrorist’ Nation of Israel.

    The ‘Road Map for Peace in the Middle East’… formulated by George W. Bush…
    What a bloody laugh that is !!!

    I’m not trying to stir up trouble here, OK !
    I want only what is best for a Peaceful World.
    President Bush’s ‘War against Terror’… and the Support provided to Israel, by the United States… and now, with the imposing of extremely severe Sanctions against Iran… ‘Peace’ may likely be a word that the children of tomorrow will never know the meaning of !!!

    PLEASE… Let us work together, to become One World… One Voice… United for Peace.
    Call for an easing of Sanctions against Iran…
    Innocent civilians should never be held to ransom because of the actions of their Government.
    There are Organisations that can keep a watchful eye on Iran, to make sure it doesn’t attempt to acquire Nuclear Weapons.
    At the same time… take action to force all Countries in possession of Nuclear Weapons… to disarm.
    No country should have to live under the threat of such lethal weapons being used against them !

    We the People… United for Peace… can change the world !!!

    This video contains footage and images from various sources.
    Music in the video is an extended remix of the Quiet Riot song… Winners take all !