Fantastically Racist Movie about Diversity! 1950’s Racism

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Who Are the People of America is a mind blowing classic film from the 1950's that paints America as a utopian land of diversity and happiness. The narrator waxes poetically about how Americans owe many of their favorite things to the rest of the world, including such insignificant things as spaghetti, baseball, music, and hot dogs. The film highlights this diversity by saying, “These are some of the things we share as Americans. For we have become Americans through the process of sharing.” Expressing hope for the future, “Playing together, growing together, learning together…” the narration misses the irony of these words as we see scenes of Southern plantations with slaves working in the fields, and shots of Native Americans, two groups of people who did not “share,” but were instead exploited. This film serves as a shocking exposure to racism in America in the mid 20th century. The great American melting pot was an idea that existed long before different races and cultures became equal in the eyes of the law and the government. Who Are the People of America is one of those old racist movies that truly makes the case for real multiculturalism.