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    My little pony 4


    by chris

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    Minty Busby
    In A Charming Birthday (1:49 and 2:54 in this video) as well as in A Very Minty Christmas, I think the ponies are so cute when they open and close their eyes in unison =D
    By Minty Busby8 years ago
    Minty Busby
    Btw, anybody else reading this, my name was Mintyreturns at the time.

    It's so cool that somebody would do this for me while I'm still alive!
    By Minty Busby8 years ago
    Minty Busby
    The comments on this video were lost when it was deleted, so I wanna post again, thank you for this video =) You out-did me big time! You did a GREAT job! I donno if you did a certain part on purpose, but I really like it when Minty is doing hop-scotch, and she's going towards Rainbow Dash, and it's like Rainbow Dash is singing to Minty, "Come closer, honey! That's better!" I like for Minty to come closer =D
    By Minty Busby8 years ago
    Unfortunetally some of the movies that were applied partly, I don't know because they were never released at Europe (especially Germany). But I love this video!!! Music and Pics fit really great :)
    By Ponyhuf8 years ago