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    Pegah Emambakhsh's Interview - BBC Radio 4 - March 8th 2008


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    Pegah Emambakhsh is a 40-year-old Iranian lesbian. She became a refugee in the United Kingdom in 2005 to escape Iranian prosecution against homosexuality, after her partner was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death by stoning. At first, her asylum demand was refused by the UK government. Emambakhsh was arrested on 13 August 2007 by the UK authorities in Sheffield. Her deportation to Teheran was planned for the 28 August. After a campaign and a protest involving several homosexual and human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Emambakhsh was freed on September 11 and is now a refugee awaiting asylum.

    On 7 March 2008 it was reported that Pegah Emambakhsh may be deported to Iran after losing the latest round in her battle to be granted asylum. If this happens then she faces a possible death penalty, on the grounds of her sexual orientation.

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