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    How to Contact and Invite in the 21st Century *FOR REAL*...


    by ExplodeMyBusiness

    243 views Hear Bill Hawkin's "How to Contact and Invite in the 21st Century" CD any time recently? More like "in the 1980's..." Hawkins goes over how to build your list of friends and family (which is the FIRST BIG mistake of network marketing)... then when that list runs out you need to go and do the "mall crawl" and harass total strangers to get in your business... There's so much hurt and rejection... so much time spent doing unproductive things... it may have worked in 1986 Bill, but not today. Now we can build entire organizations from the comfort of our home TOTALLY using the Internet. check out: for more info on how to create endless leads and endless new distributors for your network marketing business... Bill Hawkins Bill and Sandy Hawkins WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Quixtar Amway Global EDC Executive Diamond Amway Global