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    Scott Markus Camera Op Demo Reel 2008 Chicago

    Scott Markus

    by Scott Markus

    The music used (in order) include "Straight Down" by Julie Moffitt, "Hiding Out" by the Ghettobillies and "Light as Air" also by the Ghettobillies - you can find their stuff at (their final show is coming up on August 23rd).

    The bands featured in the Live Events section include Julie Moffitt and Ghettobillies as well as Section 4, Skittish, Nice Peter, The Wandering Sons, Euforeum and 6 Degrees of Separation.

    I have recorded a lot more weddings, comedy and concerts, however, I confined myself to HD footage for this reel.

    The great Chicago and Hawaii actors shown in the Feature Film section are Wendy Alvarado, Ted Blegen, Tiffany S. Carter, Armay Cabatu, Leigh Cowart, John Champion, Mary Czerwinski, Angela Davis, Don DeCarl, Sherman Edwards Jr., Kelly Farmer, Jeff Lord, Mike Markoff, Jeff McLane, Chad Meyer, Lindsay Musil, Kate Peters, Chantelle J.M. Sawa, Kim Williams

    And, yes, that is Paris Hilton and Jim Gaffigan (an unlikely duo) in the News Segments section.

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